Slowing The Flow - A Unique Answer To Flooding. 

As the name suggests, the aim of this pioneering scheme is to Slow the Flow of flood water through the headwaters to even out damaging flood peaks from a flashy catchment (i.e. floods often rise and then recede very quickly). 
A range of environmentally friendly and remarkably cost effective flood alleviation solutions are proving their worth in the upper catchment of the River Derwent, comprising woody debris dams, mini bunds, riparian tree planting, moorland drain blocking and peat restoration, along with catchment sensitive farming methods. They are combined with a floodwater storage bund above Pickering to provide protection from up to 1:25 year flood events. 
With a powerful mix of austerity and cost benefit analysis virtually precluding rural areas from flood defence funding, this is an excellent example of the Environment Agency and other agencies working with the community to provide a locally funded and cost effective scheme that could be used in many other remote flood hit communities, while also reducing the scale (and therefore huge cost) of large downstream urban schemes. 
For further details contact Mike Potter 
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