Pickering Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Centre 

Helen is a Chartered Physiotherapist and licensed acupuncturist and is here to help you recover from injury, provide relief from pain and discomfort and optimise your health and well-being. 
Helen’s approach is to treat the person, not the disease. 
Physiotherapy aims to restore movement and function when you are affected by injury, illness or disability. Helen can do this by using manual therapy techniques such as joint mobilisations, massage, acupuncture, taping, stretching and soft tissue release combined with postural assessment. You are likely to be given exercises to complete and lifestyle advice to follow. 
Acupuncture is an ancient system of treatment with a history of over 3000 years and can be used for clearly defined problems such as migraine, back ache, dental pain and vomiting to more general feelings of being unwell, low energy or tiredness. Acupuncture consists of inserting very fine needles into particular places on the body. The needle encourages the body’s self healing mechanisms to activate and restores balance, seeing no separation between body, mind and emotions. 
Helen is passionate about acupuncture and enabling people to access acupuncture frequently enough and at a cost they can afford is important. This is why Helen operates low-cost, multibed sessions of acupuncture which allows more than one person to be treated in an hour, keeping the costs down for the people who need it most. The care you receive is still the same high quality you would expect from an acupuncturist as the treatments are individual - they are just overlapping with other people’s treatments. 
Pickering Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Centre
Pickering Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Centre
Address: 12 Eastgate Square, Pickering, YO18 7DP 
Phone: 07867 525609 | Email: helen@ppaac.co.uk 
Opening Hours:  
Monday: 9am – 5pm 
Tuesday 9am – 3pm 
Wednesday 12noon – 7pm 
Thursday 10am – 7pm 
Friday 9am – 12noon 
Saturday 9am – 3pm (alternate Saturdays) 
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